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Final Warning: Zombie Mob after SF Mayoral Debate TONIGHT!

Good citizens of San Francisco, this is your FINAL WARNING. As part of our defensive plan to contain as many zombies in one place as possible, the Double-L Gyratory Zomby Attractor will be switched "ON" at 7:30pm tonight.

SF zombie mob - photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

When: 7:30pm Thursday 10/11
Wear: duct tape on torso to indicate participation
Where: The NW corner of the Main Library
Larkin Street, by Fulton
The large metal sculpture (aka "The Double-L Gyratory Zomby Attractor")
[Google Maps Link]

Many of you were already wisely taking precautions to stay far far far away from that area already due to the San Francisco MAYORAL DEBATE going on at the EXACT SAME TIME. Hopefully the undead attackers will be subdued before the the debate is completed and the hundreds of attendees leave the building through the single exit pointed directly at Larkin and Fulton.

Those good citizens, though likely disenfranchised and disillusioned, are not disembrained, and may thus prove IRRESISTABLE to the shambling cerebrophillic horde.

If defeat is unsuccessful, an unknown party has offered to capture as many zombies possible inside a bus, and drive them all to a classified area (in the Mission) for complimentary "embalming fluid" afterwards.

- - - - - - -

A recap of basic zombie mob procedures & etiquette:

Show up at the meeting point on time. Arrive dressed as either a zombie (fake blood, torn clothing, vacant stare) or a zombie victim (place a piece of duct tape somewhere visible upon your person, and wear clothes that you do not mind having torn and bloodied). Act like zombies. Attack and "convert" victims. (If you have it, bring extra blood and makup for conversions.) Shamble where the mob shambles. Have fun, but be respectful of innocent bystanders and private property.

1. If you are wearing duct tape on your torso, the mob will attack you, ruin your clothes, eat your brains.
2. Zombies will not get blood on innocent bystanders or their things.
3. Zombies will leave private property reasonably soon after being asked.
4. Zombies who don’t exhibit these behaviors will be beaten into shape by their fellow horde.

NOTE: Even if you didn't come to work today in "zombie attire" please JOIN US regardless. A shamble and a moan is more than costume enough, and the MORE zombies, the BETTER. (Or worse, really.)

Further details and updates at Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.
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