Dada Buddhist Biker Punk (sfslim) wrote,
Dada Buddhist Biker Punk

Let's eat some BRAINS!

It's shaping up to be a very ZOMBY week...

First, the beloved (and feared) SF-based zombie go-go dancers, "The Living Dead Girlz" have released their music video "BRAINS", a memetastic monster mash-up parody of Kelly's intardwebz song-du-femtosecond, "Shoes". YouTube linkage below, of which click-through (and copious re-blogging) is mandatory.

Next, I've begun to get disturbing reports of a IMMINENT undead outbreak, localized somewhere in San Francisco THIS THURSDAY NIGHT. Prepare your zombie protective gear, stay closely tuned here, or follow the updates on for further details.

You have been warned.

Until then... "BRAINS."
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