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Prim and Proper Queers - High Tea at Folsom!

...or "When the weird get kinky, the weirder get PRIM!"

As many of you may have already heard, Nifer is hosting a lovely get-together at this year's Folsom Street Fair, a buttoned-down, starched up, formal tea party, with picnic baskets, cucumber sandwiches, and lots and lots of white, Victorian dresses. All of which should stand in ridiculously stark contrast to the sea of black leather and hairy buttocks at Folsom Street.

The original invite can be found on Nifer's LJ, here:

(Which I've also reproduced below for your convenience)

I haven't attended Folsom Street Fair in years, but I was inspired
with an idea that would make all the trouble worthwhile..... a Prim &
Proper Picnic, SMACK DAB in the middle of Folsom!

I'm inviting all my queer ladies and gentlepersons, to join me for
this VERY CONSERVATIVE affair. We will drink (spiked?) tea from
little china cups, and eat little cucumber sandwiches seated upon our
quilted blanket, spread out right in the middle of the action.

I think to really make this work, we need to be completely *opposite*
on the wardrobe spectrum of our leather & latex clad compatriots.
Please come wearing only PRIM & PROPER attire. (I'm thinking English
tea time, or 1920's picnic era....)

Feminine Attire:
- BIG sun hats, or -tiny- hats
- Parasols
- Long frilly dresses

Masculine Attire:
- Tweed suits
- Knickerbockers
- Mustaches
- Cravats (neck scarves), bow ties, and other ties
- Bowler hats, Flat-top straw hats, & Newspaper boy caps

Because this is a queer affair, I *strongly* encourage you to play
with the theme and adopt it to your personal idea of gender identity
and orientation..... but please stay within the theme, that "Modesty
is the new kink".

PLEASE RSVP, so I can organize who is bringing what edibles or other
supplies to the picnic, (and also to coordinate our arrival time).
Send an email to ttfnifer (at) gmail dot com. (And feel free to
forward this on to friends!)

Humping Crumpets,

Post Script, Here are some links to some costuming ideas that I
borrowed from friends flickr accounts:
(thanks to whataboutprom, marcusguillard, & jeanneconstantine)

Photo at top courtesy of Flickr user Mattymatt -
(CC Attribution / Share alike)
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