Dada Buddhist Biker Punk (sfslim) wrote,
Dada Buddhist Biker Punk

Microblogging is killing the LJ industry...

...and it's fun!

Okay, lame RIAA gags aside, the truth of the matter is that, lately, I'm far more likely to post something on Twitter than here. So if you'd like to keep up with the quotidian minutia of my life, and the countless witticisms and bon mots I toss off like so many dead skin cells, I urge you to follow me on Twitter. As one might expect, the link is:

ps. I am aware that there are methods by which one can configure their Twitter feed to populate to their LJ at specified times, but I'm not sure that I'll set this up. There's something about the moment-to-moment nature of Tweets that seems at odds with time-delaying them. Reading them as they appear, mixed in with tweets from many other friends, offers a very different experience from reading them in asynchronous chunks, something akin to dipping ones feet into a moving river of collective brain-sweat, eddies of geist swirling in the zeit around your toes.

I'm sure that sounds more than a little crazy, but try Twitter for a month or so (especially on a mobile browser, like or Thincloud) and tell me that you don't agree.
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Thank you for not reposting your tweets in your lj!

Also, yay twitter!
I see it more as advertisement, letting folks know there is also contact (and fun!) on Twitter.
The other thing is that I'd also like for these posts to be archived somewhere. I think my LJ is an excellent spot.
Those are indeed two compelling reasons to cross-post ones Tweets, and I'm sympathetic to both.

I think, ultimately, what I will likely do, is migrate off of LJ onto a proper blog (most likely on my domain which I've had since 1998 or so) and integrate my tweets onto that page, somehow. Then I'll serve my blog up as an RSS feed, perhaps both with and without tweets.

Lots of work though, none of which I'm very eager to do at the moment.
Censorship aside, why would anyone want to move away from LJ? From my experience, mimicking the friends only posts system through RSS is rather difficult.
Mostly becase LJ isn't a "real" blog, akin to riding a bicycle with training wheels. (And, in this case, a bicycle that most people will prejudicially assume to be painted black, with a horn that drearily bleats out a gawthy melody, and whose owner is prone to lengthy monologues about life, depression, dating and drama.

All readymade online communities acquire such stereotypical associations. E.g. MySpace is for aesthetically retarded fourteen year-olds, Tribe is for humorless, opinionated burners, Blogger is for... uh, actually I have no idea why anyone would use Blogger. But you get my point.

It seems that the best way to transcend such pigeonholing is to simply publish your own "proper" blog on your own "proper" domain. Ala,,, and so on. You are a nation of one, with total control over your function, aesthetic, commenting system, distribution, and customization. And zero transitive community stigma.

Perhaps this is why I personally eschew aggregation in general, and don't really use RSS; I prefer to read each site's content from within the aesthetic context of that site. The content alone (or viewed through a different, generic "reader" aesthetic) doesn't provide the same experience. Thus, when I'm in a mood to read BoingBoing, I go to BoingBoing in a browser window. Certainly more clumsy than some whizzbang automated aggregation system, but also more satisfying, at least to me.
Sir I feel your opinions do not coincide with mine and there for are worthless to me. Please get with "the times" and start using the unique-ness and individuality defining aspects of customizable RSS feeds, just like the rest of us, before we break your legs and you become dead to the world.

We approve heartily of such language and varied opinions and are delighted to laugh joyfully. Butterscotch for all!

So far I find myself just skimming past most twitter posts- maybe it's the layout in lj (without spaces between them). They somehow remind me of ads- disjointed, less personal, perky... dunno. Not a fan from the reading end. I suppose they are easier to post though.
I've been following you, but I've actually had to drop you recently because the signal-to-noise ratio was getting a little high. No single infraction, just an excessive level of detail. (Don't take it personally; I stopped following the otherwise excellent Scott Beale for the same reason.)

I've found Twitter to be very good for "I'm here, come hang out with me" posts, but barring messages for a specific purpose I try to limit general interest posts to one or two a day.
I don't understand the zillions of twitters I see on LJs. It's fragmented and not very not interesting due to lack of timeliness.

I guess I could see the use if I said "Hey, I'm here at XX now, come find me" to a group of people ... but... ?!?
twitter is an apt replacement for dodgeball, but not a replacement for blogging. We need internet content to less transitory, less spur of the moment. more deep.