Dada Buddhist Biker Punk (sfslim) wrote,
Dada Buddhist Biker Punk

Microblogging is killing the LJ industry...

...and it's fun!

Okay, lame RIAA gags aside, the truth of the matter is that, lately, I'm far more likely to post something on Twitter than here. So if you'd like to keep up with the quotidian minutia of my life, and the countless witticisms and bon mots I toss off like so many dead skin cells, I urge you to follow me on Twitter. As one might expect, the link is:

ps. I am aware that there are methods by which one can configure their Twitter feed to populate to their LJ at specified times, but I'm not sure that I'll set this up. There's something about the moment-to-moment nature of Tweets that seems at odds with time-delaying them. Reading them as they appear, mixed in with tweets from many other friends, offers a very different experience from reading them in asynchronous chunks, something akin to dipping ones feet into a moving river of collective brain-sweat, eddies of geist swirling in the zeit around your toes.

I'm sure that sounds more than a little crazy, but try Twitter for a month or so (especially on a mobile browser, like or Thincloud) and tell me that you don't agree.
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