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The Buzzed Bee returns! TOMORROW (thurs)@12 Galaxies

Once again, it's time to come out and get your SPELL on. The beautiful disaster we lovingly call "The Buzzed Bee" returns TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday 5/24) at its NEW VENUE, the incomparable 12 Galaxies, complete with a brand new opening "act".

All details at:

Tursday, May 24th – cheap $5 cover
8pm One Man Banjo, 9pm Buzzed Bee Spelling Begins
12 Galaxies 2565 Mission Street @ 22nd

On May 24th, Crackhouses Productions proudly presents the triumphant return of San Francisco's premier adult spelling bee, THE BUZZED BEE.

New Improved Location! The 3rd iteration of the beloved BUZZED BEE will be held at the spectacular 12 Galaxies! Cleaner sound! Opening act, One Man Banjo! The audience will hear every letter that drops from your lips... I-M-B-E-C-I-E-L EEEEE! Wrong!

Of course, the famous Buzzed Bee DSYLEXIC CHEERLEADERING S-Q-U-A-B will be on hand to R-I-S-E your spirits and offer their skimpily salacious divertissements!

So come on down to the best game in town! Participants will wrack their brains and un-tie their tongues in an open competition to "bee" crowned San Francisco's BEST SPELLER, and take home the grand prize!

Ok to be honest we have no idea what the grand prize will be, but last time we gave away a car! What you don't remember the car? Well you must of missed it cause we did—or at least we meant to—it was in the flyer. Oh well whatever the grand prize is it's sure to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
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