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TONIGHT: Purple Rain - When Ukes Cry

9PM TONIGHT (Thursday November 9th)
The Rickshaw Stop - 155 Fell St., SF
$10 / Ages 21+

Given how abundantly talented my dear pals Amy Zing and Kelly McCubbin are, there is simply no way I would possibly miss this. And I heartily encourage you to join me, and add your voices to the purple chorus as we recite:

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called LIFE...."

The man. The artist. The musican. The guitar. Well, scrap the guitar. Because we will be presenting Prince's classic, groundbreaking album, "Purple Rain," from start to finish, on ukuleles. Lots of ukuleles. More ukuleles than perhaps you've ever seen, or ever will. Sure, there will be some xylophone, saw, washboard and spoons, but really, it's all about the uke.

Featuring 5 Cent Coffee, Stella!, Just Henry, and Kitten on the Keys!

Dressing up and singing along is not only tolerated, it is welcomed. Put on your eyeliner and frilly shirt, put your hands in the air, and say it with me......... "I Would Die 4 Uke!"
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